Will tomorrow really happen in the world?

There is something happening on the planet on December 17th. Space scientists are afraid of losses. Because of the meteorite and attack of asteroids, what could be the situation of the world? They are concerned about it. Let’s not know the real facts-

It is known that the name of the deity of the Greek mythology is named Faython. An asteroid named after the name of Faython. Whose name is Fathan 3200 On December 17, the asteroid will be very close to the Earth, there is a possibility of damage, space scientists said.

According to The Sun, the report says that on that day, Fathon will be able to get away from the Earth’s axis only 200 million miles away. A group of Russian scientists have published a video, which makes Fathon clear. And NASA scientists say that the volume of fathan now is 5-8 kilometer diameter, but it is larger. It was broken several times in the sun as it collapsed and became smaller.

Another reason for fear is that the probability of meteorite fluctuation on December 13-14. It is known that more than 100 meteorites will be found at that time. As a result, on the one hand, fathlon 3200 and on the other hand, Gemini’s meteorite, what could be the condition of the world?

But if there is a danger, it may not be so. There is no possibility of a threat if the asteroid changes its orbit.

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