Where is the man sleeping his soul? What is Islam and science?

Where is the person’s soul when he sleeps? No one knows when he’s asleep. And people are not ignorant about the different world in sleep.

Have you ever thought about the world? Today we will know where the human soul is. According to different religions and science, his reasoning is given below:

According to Islam religion:
Narrated by’Abdullah ibn Amr (R), he said, ‘When people sleep, their soul goes to the sky and they are ordered to prostrate themselves before Allah’s Throne.

The person who sleeps in sacred conditions prostrates itself before Allah’s Throne, and whoever is unclean, his soul prostrates away from the throne. ‘
(Baihaqi, Imamwakri narrated this hadith in the book ‘At-Tarikhul Kabir’).

The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘The person who sleeps in a sacred place, an angel watches over his head and he continues to pray until he awakens, “O Allah! You forgive your servant
Because he is staying tonight in holy places. (Tabran and Baihaqi)

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