Whatever name the baby will be a terrible offender, know it is an important matter

The duty of every Muslim parent to keep a beautiful Islamic name for him after the birth of the child. Like Muslims in other parts of the Muslim world,





Muslims of Bangladesh are also interested in selecting child names in conformity with Islamic culture and Muslim heritage. That is why they went to the scholars and olymas known in the name of the newborn.

But to speak the truth, our studies are absolutely inadequate. So, despite having an interest in giving an Islamic name, we unknowingly chose names that are not included in the Islamic name. If the word is the word of the Arabic or the Quran, the name will not be Islamic.





The Quran has mentioned the names of the worst infidels in the world. Iblis, Pharaoh, Haman, Karoon, Abu Lahab etc. are mentioned in the Qur’an; So it will be acceptable to name or rename it?









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