‘What is now at your rate? “” Sunny questions journalists. Then …

Sunny Leone went to the Holy See on the occasion of a ceremony to join in Surat. Before the program was to walk. It was, then, a journalist who met him. Complaint, followed by “offensive” question of the journalist sits.

That being said, he asked Sunny, ‘before you were a parnastara. The film stars. How much money are you now? ‘

This was the kind of question a bit, Sunny. Said, ‘What did you say? I beg your pardon. ”

Complaint, the journalist then said, ” the night program, you’re so much? ‘

To be heard, instantly fell sapate slap on the cheek of the journalist. Sunny kasiye hanahana slap him and walked away. Sunny was the hotel, its staff or the witness. However, Sunny is a professional, his evidence within fifteen minutes. Setting the time he reached anusthano and performance.

Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber, who said he did not do any incidents.

However, on the morning of a man drunk or abusive Sunny entered the room, he suggested. Although this issue has exaggerated Sunny.