In this way the creature will be able to catch millionaire! Find out once

In this way the creature will be able to catch millionaire! Find out once (video). Please wait a bit below the video

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I do not want to be worried about my parents, Jafar, Khokan responsible for my death …
Books, clothes are all in the previous place, not just the rock. Now the vacuum in Ashulia’s rocks house

As the stone statue has become parents Throughout the shadow area of mourning. The spirit of the rock is crying: ‘Do not leave them, ask them to judge, otherwise they will destroy the life of another girl. Written rock on the night of last night on Thursday night by writing a note in the form of extreme swooning of the stomach, Unable to protest, he killed himself.

Before death, it is said who is responsible for his death. On the basis of the note written by the girl, the father of the deceased filed a case with Ashulia Police Station on Monday night alleging both Jafar and Khokan. District Education Officer said the matter was being investigated. Before the death, write a rock note – ‘Why should I be guilty for not doing anything?’ It’s good to die from him. 

I do not want to honor my parents for me. Zafar, Khokan responsible for my death. Your damn rock.

Ashulia Shilulia UP’s West Kalshwari area of Dhaka. Awolad Hossain’s daughter. She was a 10th grade student of Shimulia Shyama Prasad (SP) High School. Local sources said that the school closed the door and closed the door from the school. After getting no response, her father Awlad Hossain shook the door. During this time, without looking for any response from the window, peeking through the window, the girl hanging body. After getting in the house get the note in the table.

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