Voluntary retirement benefits that employees will receive Robi and Airtel

When the two companies began the process of becoming one of the workers since there is fear of losing the job. So what is the future of the employees from the beginning of this operator two different quarters questionable. In terms of the availability of voluntary retirement schemes and voluntary staff separation scheme in case the court decides what to do.

According to the court, said the regulator’s lawyer Khandaker Reza-E Rakib, operators who are now two of them, according to the terms of the new company will be given a chance. However, since an employee of the new company would not want to go bhiaraesa facility or institution is liable to pay to go through the VSS scheme.

Voluntary retirement schemes and voluntary separation scheme, according to court staff in the office of the manager and the manager of the year in the top 3 positions per year to pay for the whole two. Or at the bottom of the manager and the manager of the year 4 of the Basic 3 Basic should be at the top.

In addition, the terms of Robi, Airtel, staff at the regulator’s job to ensure the safety of human resource management asked to pay a specific plan.