Tv Channel Program – Alif Laila

There was a time when the evening when everyone was sitting in front of the TV. Rural homes were overflowing crowd. Now, most of the TV at home. But today everyone from 14-15 years ago, TV was not at home.

If the village was a busybody or a wealthy home TV. Jamato evening when everyone crowded into the house. Because of the serial based on the novel One-Nights ‘Alif Laila’ show.

It was not so channels. Only Bangladesh were shown on television in the popular serial. Even on Friday. Cereals were popular at the time. Now the kids to write down as “Doraemon” or “kiranamalara picture can be seen. He was a hero layalara Alif ‘sindabada’ or Villain ‘keheramanera picture.

Diyasalaiyera kholao was the hero of the bhilenadera picture.

Once again, the TV screen will appear on the popular serial. And the private TV channel Gazi (GTV) serial will be shown. The promotion will begin on November Gazi TV, authorities said. This promotion will be more than one day a week, he said.