With True Caller you can easily handle these 12 types of work

The True Caller app is quite popular in the mobile phone world. But this app can do a lot of work that you can not even dream about. It is commonly known as a number through True Caller, as well as video calls, flash massages and online payments.

At the beginning of installing True Caller you have to create a profile of yourself. E-mails or web sites can be added to the same place as they can be given. From now on you can connect your Google and Facebook account to True Caller.






Are you fed up with additional promotional calls? You can easily block them through True Caller. After blocking you will see a red card on the mobile, where those blocked numbers will appear.

If True Caller marks a specific number and puts it on the block list, it will instruct you even if you are offline.

You can easily video call with True Caller through the Google Video Calling App. For this, you can go to True Caller and click on any number to open a page. From there you can call, massage, video call, edit or block the person concerned.

To keep True Caller your default dieter, you have to click the main icon. From there, you can turn on Miss Call notifications by going to Settings.

True Caller can be used as your default messaging app. With this you can prevent spam messages coming in your phone.





You can also use True Caller as your telephone directory. After typing a name or number in True Caller, it will find out from its database. The True Caller can help you find the numbers through e-mail IDs.

You can book rail, air tickets through True Caller. The hotel can also book. Through this app you can easily manage multiple operations including bank, hospital.









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