Today’s jokes: Three of the country’s president ??

Three of the country’s president
One of the three wise scholar who asked what the president wanted.

President: Sir, when my country will be able to overcome this economic disaster?
A wise scholar: It will take another 10 years.
President: Oh! I will not be able to see it stay in power.

Chinese President: Sir, when my country will become self-sufficient economy?
A wise scholar: 0 more years.
Chinese President: Oh! I live to see it, and I can not understand.

Pakistan’s President: Sir, our country will end when all of the problems?
A wise scholar: Alas! That problem will end with you when you realize that it will not be able to see it.


Satan, I got married
To vow to return home drunk every night as husband and wife finally made him afraid. Shop from the horns of Satan, come with lejaoyala Costume stood behind a tree just outside the gate.

As usual, returning drunk husband. How-Mau in front of her as she fell into the devil. Husband went softly asked, Who are you?’
Obese woman’s voice answered, “I am the devil.”
Swami said, “Is that so? So let’s go home. Satan, I got married. ”


Save smooth turn
Jasim needs to be saved. So he went to his local barber. Barbers Jasim cheeks foam applied only when Jasim said, “My galata a little broken, is not so smooth, save me, please save me smooth, very carefully.”

Barbers he drove inside a wooden little round ball Jasim cheek, then started to save. Jasim soon realized, is really very good and smooth save. Jasim ball with the inside of the cheek wrapped around his neck and said, “Very good. But what will happen if I let up the ball? ‘

Barbers were not at all upset and said, “That does not matter, everyone goes through yemane returned the next day, too, leaving back from yesterday yaiyena village.”