Today Gold Price In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the price of gold fell in global prices decreased. Per 458 grams of good quality gold now than before the money can be reduced.
Darao silver fell by Rs 292 bharite with gold. The new rate will be effective from Monday to Sunday evening jewelry Association of Bangladesh (bajusa) said in a press release.

World gold price has been reduced in coordination with the local market has been reduced gold bajusera Association general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwal.

He said, “we always coordinate with the international market price of our local markets. In recent times the world price of gold fell. With the combination of our market, we have reduced. ”
Earlier this year, the gold price on June 6 bharite Rs 1 thousand 225 was extended. A week ago, 225 of the money was raised.

Twenty grams per carat value from Monday (11.664 grams) of gold and 46 889 will be sold. Sunday it was selling at Tk 48 thousand 347. The new bid, according to two grams per carat value of gold would be worth Rs 4 thousand 0. Sunday was worth Rs 4 thousand 145.

1-carat value of gold will be sold from Monday 44 grams per 673 thousand rupees (Rs 3830 per gram). 18. 38-carat price of Rs 491 (Rs 3300 per gram).

1 thousand 189 grams of 46 carat gold on Sunday and the 18-carat, 39 thousand 599 rupees haccila sold.
The traditional method of selling gold to 6 grams per 11 thousand rupees (Rs 2230 per gram). Of gold was 7 thousand 527 rupees. Twenty grams of 91 per kyarete 6 percent, 1 percent to 5 percent kyarete 87, 18 kyarete is 75 percent pure gold. The traditional method is to melt the gold, old gold. What percentage of pure gold is met in this case, there is no criteria.