Three wheels ‘bikes’, then in Bangladesh, know how much ??

When you remember the motor bike, the picture of a two-wheeled machine powered by the two wheels floats in front of the eye. This vehicle, which easily goes to the destination, often causes health risks. It is hard to keep the spinal straight while riding the bike.

Especially during sports bikes, there is a little risk to the front. As a result, there is a danger of back pain. If you are sitting in a comfortable comfortable chair You sit on the chair and you ride the bike. Do not keep balance like a motor bike. Rather than leaning on the chair, you will reach the Aramas biking in the destination. Such a three-wheeled vehicle has brought the Acid Motors The name of the bike is ‘Friend’.

The funny thing is, to fill the fuel for running this bike, do not have to stand on the petrol pump daily. Because, it’s electric bike. You can charge it at your home.

‘There is no challenge to keeping the balance in three wheels. Apart from bicycling, you can also run this bike. This bike could be the ideal vehicle for a young woman or a woman. Hanuman Akhtar Panna, service manager of Tejgaon branch of Akij Group, talking about her experience with friends.

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