The key to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, a vast underwater Pyramid! What is the truth?

Bermuda Triangle mystery means the prevailing light-amdharite samudraksetra. There is a curiosity, however, solve the mystery still elusive.

Moving world of the Internet for several years now the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ as a video. It has been claimed that, in the Bermuda Triangle, a crystal pyramid has been found on the ocean floor. The size and height of the Pyramids of Egypt, from the chest several times higher.

It has been claimed that the video, the Pyramid of water on the floor, especially in France and the US joint research team has found. Pyramid has been measured in volume. Or that showed pyramid 300 meters wide and 00 meters long. In fact, the pyramid has been hurt or large holes. In front of the sea where the water is going to go up. As a result, an enormous surge of water and the vortex is being created. The Bermuda Triangle or the sea without being caught in eddies have disappeared one after another, aircraft, ships, boats.

However, the key to the pyramid came here? The video did not say anything about it clearly. However, with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle that are involved in the story of alien creatures that have been mentioned in this video.