The ten most popular apps in the world

Most smartphone users use Android. And there are thousands of apps on this Android.

If you are asked, which of the ten apps is the most popular in the world? If you can name one of the two by hand, you will be happy to name the rest. But these 10 apps are using you every day. Let’s take a look at what are these ten apps?





The most popular free Android app This ‘Instant messaging’ app can be used only on Android, not many Android operating systems. In addition to messaging, voice calls, voice messaging, image sharing, group chatting and other benefits are WhatsApp. Every day, 10 million people are downloading WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger:
The second most popular free Android app is also a ‘Instant Messaging’ service. Facebook messenger can be used on mobile or desktop. The app offers photos, videos, stickers, audio files, voice and video calls. By the end of April, the number of Facebook messenger users was around 120 million

The social site of mobile or desktop sharing of photos is becoming very popular day by day. It is the third instagram on the list of the most popular free Android apps. The number of active users per month is 80 million Of these 50 million people use Instagram every day. More than 7 crores of photos and videos are transmitted daily to Instagram.

Among the social site apps, Facebook is the most popular in our country, but its position is fourth in the world. But once the most popular free Android in the world was Facebook. But its popularity decreased slightly. By June, the number of monthly users on Facebook was more than 200 million.

Facebook Lite:
Facebook app ‘Facebook Light’ popularity five in judgment. Facebook released this app two years ago Effective Facebook Light to run affordable Android smartphones and low-speed internet Until last February, the number of users of this app was 20 million. This app takes less than 2 MB for ‘installation’ on smartphones.





For popular e-commerce, Wish is very popular in Brazil, China and North America in Europe. This shopping app is free from popularity. In 2013, ‘Weisha’ started its journey in San Francisco. Recently, $ 800 million investment has been invested in this project.

Popular competition with Facebook and Instagram is going to be tough competitor Snapchat App launching in 2011 has more than 10 million users per day. Snapchat is also very popular as multimedia mobile app in addition to photo sharing. The number of Snapchat viewers per year is more than one crore. Snapshots are made to 1 million snapshots every day.

Subway Surfers:
Tired mobile game subway surfers. Denmark’s Kilo and Cyber Games have created this game in a coordinated fashion. From popularity, it’s a list of free Android apps. More than three billion downloads of this game every month.

Spotify Music:
The app made in great popular Sweden for streaming songs and videos. Since the start of the journey in 2008, the total revenue of the app is 16 billion dollars. Its monthly active users are 14 million By July, the number of subscription subscribers was more than six.

Messengers Lights:
Messenger lights like Facebook lights. The popularity of this app is tenth. Less than 10 megabytes of apps, pictures and internet links can be sent easily. Stickers can be seen. In more than a hundred countries, there are more than five million users of Messenger lights.

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