Tell your confidentially how will the married life be cut?

Tilai will tell your fate. When your marriage may change after your marriage. According to the Hindu scriptures, your palm, your fingers, along with your fingers, will tell you where your fate may go.





After the marriage, your future will go where it will tell this sesame. However, many people are fed up with sesame seeds. Many people remove this sesame from the body through medical treatment. This tilai will tell your future. However, this particular til in your body is able to change your fate after marriage. Sesame means depending on the size and shape of sesame.

1) If there is sesame on one side of the nostrils, left or right side. However, if you do not have any luck for a job now. However, do not think about this issue. Your fate will change after marriage. You will lead luxurious life by passing through all the obstacles in life.

2) Is there any sesame on the right side of your cheek? However, for that sesame, your fate will change after marriage. You will be well on the financial side too.

3) If there is a sesame in between two bhurus, then your married life will be happy.






4) Do you have sesame on your palms? The wedding line is in the palate. If there is a red til around the line, then that til will tell that the life after marriage is also going to be happiness.

5) If you have soles under the feet, you can travel abroad at home.









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