Tamim Comilla will go to the final if the rain does not play!

This rain is usually thought to be the message of winter arrival. Everyone took it, this rain meant the beginning of the winter.

But the rain has raised the country’s countless cricket fans. Luck was not a game today. Qualifiers and Eliminator have played two matches in a good match yesterday.





Now the rest of the second qualifier. Comilla Victoria and Rangpur Riders will face the match. The winner of that match will reach the final. The winning team will be against Dhaka Dynamite in the final of the Sher-e-Bangla Dec 12.

When the equation is in front of it, it is only when the rain is interrupted. Not only this, it’s raining today. The rainy season has been talked about on Sunday in the forecast of the weather tomorrow. Sometimes light, sometimes there are heavy rain forecasters.

There is light rain forecast in the morning. And since mid-afternoon, the possibility of moderate or heavy rain has been told. Why do not you like it – Rainfall is likely to be 100%. However, the rainy season has worried the BPL fans-fans. Tomorrow that Comilla Victorians and Rangpur riders qualifier 2 game!

If it is really rain, what will happen? Now this is the big question in fans-fans. Although there is no game on December 11 before the final. Again that day is not marked as reserve day. If you do not play in the field due to rain or natural? What is the BPL rule or what?





It is not a match between Robin and Robin League that rain does not have to be played in the rain. The two teams will get equal points. It’s a qualifiers match. ‘Sadden Death.’ Knockout Win-licking must be settled. One party has to win and the other party will have to lose.

Now the question is, if a ball is not made in the field, then which team will be won? Who will be the final? Comilla Victorians or Rangpur riders? The state’s speculation-imagination, buzzing









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