Take note, the sacrifice is obligatory on you?

Every sacrifice is very important for Muslim worship. So Muslims every year starting from the day of Eid-ul-Azha been sacrificed in the next two days. Essentially offering an obligatory worship. But you know what, if you have the obligation to sacrifice? In this context, it has been said in the hadith, “the sacrifice of our ability, but does not sacrifice .’- not come Musallaa mustadarake Hakim, Hadith: 3519; Attaragiba oyattarahiba 2155

For any two points in the fullness of worship. Ikhlas as well as the pleasure of Allah alone

Ruling in accordance with the law, in accordance with the instructions to be observed and performed.
Who is obligatory sacrifice?
Matters: 1. Adult, sane done every Muslim man and a woman, 10 yilahajba dawn to sunset in the period from 1 yilahajba nesaba excessive amount of wealth is obligatory upon her to sacrifice. Money, gold, silver, jewelery, subsistence living, and does not require a Land need additional home business products and the unnecessary sacrifice of all the furniture in the hisabayogya nesabera.

The Nisab of gold in the seven and a half (7.5) grams of silver at the fifty-two (525) grams, the Nisab of money and other objects made of silver, the price equivalent to the price of fifty-two and a half. The gold or silver, or the amount of money they do not have nesaba individually, but if you need any additional multiple objects made of silver, the price of the equivalent of fifty-two and a half should be sacrificed on the oyajiba-alamuhitula burahani 8/455; Fataawa 17/405 tatarakhaniya