Take a look at the heroine who has changed the appearance of plastic surgery

The heroines – Some time ago I went to Bollywood movies and saw some of the artists in Bollywood with Kareena Kapoor. Everyone was praising Karina.

Then I saw a point where my eyes went. A very famous Bollywood director told Kareena not to reveal her name, “Kareena’s appearance in plastic surgery has become even more miserable. She had to look beautiful without surgery. ”

It was just a manager’s thinking. There are many others who have this opinion in Bollywood. Good! It’s not wrong at all. Today, there are rarely actresses in Bollywood who are beautiful without plastic surgery. There is no one left to treat skin care for beautiful appearance.

Kajol Agarwal, Shanku Shetty, Shruti Hassan, and many other actresses. Let’s see who has treated skin.

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