Take a look, players of any team in this tournament icons!

Sep 30 players drafted in the BPL. However, the players were already calling the episode “Who aikanara play any team. The fourth edition of BPL due to start from November 4.

The BPL ‘icon’ was initially thought to do. Instead of the top players ‘plus’ was thought to class. Instead, she thought he was. Twenty technical committee meeting in September, the class icon in the list of the players have decided to spare. However aikanadera draphate players will not be taken. The team has been given the opportunity to choose their choice.

Icon, A, B, C and D-class total of 133 players, with five players in the BPL list has been finalized for the upcoming meeting of the technical committee. Seven players are not equal to the value of the class icon. Shakib Al Hasan of the Council ‘expensive’ (55 lakh).

Shakib has already confirmed dainamaitasa covered. Therefore, the current champion is from Comilla bhiktoriyanasei. Tamim last team to play bhaikinse Chittagong. Barisal bulase Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah taitanase country. The two icons in Rajshahi and Rangpur Riders play Shabbir and majestic. Some of the complaints franchise, nearly twice the price of money is determined somehow covered. Or is with a car. Dhaka dainamaitasa aikanadera was opened after somehow to ensure that their claims.

Most of the players in the BPL auction, Nasir Hossain was the price of two million dollars. However, recent form ‘icon’ has knocked him out of class. He is 5 million ‘A’ grade. 11 nasirasaha this team. In addition, 18 million ‘B’ class is 35 players, 1 million worth of ‘C’ class with 53 students and 5 lakh ‘D’ grade 7 students.