If you still do not get smartcards, you can find out when ‘sms’

Not getting smartcards- Bangladesh government has already started issuing smart card of national identity card. Even in the meantime many have got their cards understood.

But those who have not yet received the SMS by sending their own SMS can know when your smart card will get in hand.

First, go to the message option of mobile and write the space on the NID space at the space of 17 digits. Those who have NID number 13 digits, they will first add birth.

Then send it from any mobile operator to 105. Your smartcard information will be sent back to the message.

However, those who will still be given a message will be told where your NID will be given in a camp.

You can also call 105 through mobile and know about smart card with the necessary information.

You will know when and where your smartcard will be given using the Election Commission website.

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