Someone posted your picture on Facebook? If you do not tag it will get the news

Facebook brings new features If you post your picture on this social platform, you will be given the news through notification.

Now there are notifications when someone tags you. But now if you post a photo without tag, Facebook will tell you. Actually, Facebook wants to give more control to its users.





The new feature is called ‘Photo Review’. This process will be used mainly by the use of facial reconfiguration technology. Users can do more to do more. Whether they want to be tagged in the photo, want to stay untagged or report the issue on Facebook – etc.

If you use any of your pictures on their profile or post, you will get the news. Facebook has more control over Facebook’s privacy or privacy.





However, notifications will not be available in particular. For example, if someone posts a photo with your picture, you will not receive the audience if they do not have the audience, or if they do not select the image for ‘Everyone’ in the photo privacy settings. But for the profile photo, it will not be necessary to have a friendly friend.









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