Smartphone will control diabetes!

Increasingly globally in the world of diabetes Along with medicines, researchers are also focusing on diabetes, diet, alternative medicine and body exercises. Researchers at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School said that with the help of smartphones, diabetes can be controlled.






Ruiggers New Jersey Medical School researcher Louis Ullah said that it is not far away, when you can point to pancreas to control blood sugar levels by clicking on the special app. Louis said, ‘our body is like many houses in a big house. Electricity is needed in order to control how our body works, as electricity is required for lighting in a dark room.


This study discussed various methods for stimulating our nerves. Things like ancient acupuncture have been found to be related to modern electroacupuncture, neuromudilation. With the help of these modern methods, various electrical devices are treated with chronic pain, pelvic disorder, perkinson, arthritis, sepsis, colitis, diabetes, pancreatitis, paralysis and obesity.






Pacemaker also works in exactly the same way. In this case, researchers are planning to control diabetes in the same way with the help of hands-on smartphone devices.










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