Did you sleep on the mobile side at night? Be careful!

Be careful!
Do not go to sleep without leaving the mobile phone near the head.

Emergency SMS, Facebook message, WhatsApp message, no matter how likely you are to call a phone call, whenever you go to sleep during the day or night, keep the phone away from the bed a bit or keep it off.

WiFi radiation on mobile phones will give horrific damage to us. Which is called ruin!

On the condition that a group of ninth grade students of North Jutland examined the different types of vegetables, the WiFi radiation of mobile phones is extremely harmful to the living. It can also cause death.

England, Holland and Sweden researchers are very enthusiastic about the results of the test.
Eulle Johansson, a prominent researcher at Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, wanted to conduct further research on this. She wanted to repeat the test with Belgian Professor Marie-Claire Camarte.

Li Nielsen, one of the students who conducted the test, said that they conducted tests on the 400 varieties of seeds. The seeds of these vegetables were kept in 6 trays at the same temperature in two separate cells. For 12 days the seeds of those two houses kept the same amount of water and sunlight for their growing. Among them, there are six trays placed in the seed of the vector which is near two wifi router. As much radiation comes from the normal mobile phone, the radiation comes from the WiFi routers. 12 days later, the seeds of the vegetables kept near the WiFi router did not increase. Most of them have either dried or died. And there was no WiFi router near the leafy tray of the seeds that were grown, they were very well grown, getting water and sunlight.

Another ninth grade student who conducted tests, Nielson said in Mathilde, “It has proved how dangerous the WiFi or mobile radiation is for life. So, our advice is to keep the mobile phone away while you are asleep or keep it closed to keep it in bed. Otherwise it can be very dangerous for the brain or body. “

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