“Shakib struck thousands of people kicked in the stomach ‘

Almost ten years later, again on a regular basis is going to be a popular film actor rubles. The body had just been to the gym on a regular basis. Previous himself as he already has made in rubles. Mizanur Rahman Shamim managed rubles are acting now “crime syndicate” in the film. Also on the first Shamim ‘death sentence the defendant as he was going to make a film. “Crime Alley” and “the death of the defendant, visitors will see the role of action hero in films like before Rubel. The film appeared in front of the camera, and now is talking with various aspects of dhaliuda24 rubles.

Once again, the film returns rubles. Or he will play regularly. What is the reason? Why such a long time he was away from acting? Rubel said that these itself.

“Now is the film artist crisis. And if it continues like this for some time in the art of film will disappear forever. And a drop of blood in our body will disappear, so that the film can not be. More importantly, so that the salt did not want to ingratitude. There are now mixed with blood. From there to tell a man how to live without blood, but it is to say that? ”

A hero is a vow to see visitors. The hero does not seem to be any other way, do not get EVERYTHING. Rubel answered the question.

Rubel said, “Shakib Khan reigns exclusively. For that reason, I think the film is a lot of damage. When we were in a regular theater was competed. There is no pratidbandhii Shakeeb now. Competitors Shakeeb Why not? Shakib himself because he does not have any rivals. Twelve films are playing politics itself shocked. Shakib’s sugarcane can pack thousands of people kicked in the stomach. Indian brothers shook hands with us until the end of the film to breath, made a plan. For this reason, once again, going to the movies on a regular basis. ”

He added, “These are the films that are being taken to solve the matter of just six months. If I have the ability to be who they are connected to the irregularities were reported. I have spoken to several meetings and yet offering direct irregularities. A few days ago, the head of the procession shroud meeting, shaking hands with brothers Shakib perutei year. Kenore brother? Cintatai’s done? Thousands of people are looking at this film, some of the brothers for their livelihood over the place! Why are you going to give up? I can give answers to these questions are right, but that’s tied hands. How would I explain why only six months when the rice paddy much. “

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