Shahrukh Khan for the Indian team got serious again?

International Test in Kanpur, India ranks 500 out of the Indian team for the time being getting injured batsman Rahul locations. You can take the place of Gautam Gambhir’s bat in the second Test. The first team to get the opportunity to play Test cricket for nearly two years after the country again. Even at the Eden Gardens. Naturally, the Delhi batsman has become a little emotional.

The tweet he wrote, “the excitement of the game, an experienced player’s self-confidence, at the same time being an apprentice bhaya felt at this moment everything together. I’m coming back to Eden. ”

He also thanked the BCCI tweet all parties, including. Those with special thanks to the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders Shah Rukh Khan. He prayed for him, Shah Rukh Khan has been allowed to return to the team again. Abramakeo to pursue his love of the tweets. Shahid Bhagat Singh, freedom fighter, he considered the inspiration. Respects to him.

Gambhir played in 014 Test against England. Since then, the Indian batsmen were not good times for various reasons. Gambhir’s run of five matches at an average of 3162 to 253 at the Eden Gardens game. For many, it was not possible for him to come back to the national team. If you get a chance to play on the move, is going to be very important in his comeback as the 501 th Test match.