Sell your old Moble Phone!! But how? Know Details…

It is unbelievable but true. You can get in exchange for your old mobile phone market, Google is launching two new concessions worth 7 thousand pixels and pixel XL Mobile. In India, sales and after-sales services for the mobile two HTC and Google have already joined hands with redintanera.

Phlipakarte phone has two pre-orders began. Normally two phonerai prices outside of the middle class. Phlipakarta has a special provision for the middle class in order to attract customers. Three models are available now and Google pixel Google pixel X El. The three models in the 3 GB (the price of 57 thousand rupees), 128 GB pixels (the price of Rs 66 thousand), and 128 GB GB pixels x L (the price of 76 thousand dollars).

Considerably more than the actual price of the models but if buyers are willing to exchange their old mobile Google want to buy a new device, then phlipakarta 7 of them are ready to give up on. There are also no cost to the system EMI. That is the price without any additional monthly inastalamente mobailagulo can be bought. In addition to the first 100 customers will have an electronic gift voucher of Rs 5700.