Saudi Arabia’s history is lost

Islam is now the second largest religion in the world. Gradually increasing the followers of Islam. Which was started 1500 years ago, the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him.) There are a lot of memories marudesera around the city. This is the most holy city in Islam, but the trend is turning into a city of luxury. All the old historic buildings are being built on the bulldozer modern city hotel. Consequently, the world’s biggest hotel is being built in Mecca.

017 will be officially launched in the world’s biggest hotel. The 45-storey high building on four Helipad. Sayyakaksa will have more than 10. There will be 70 restaurants. The five-storey building will be designed for use by the Saudi royal family. Built at a cost of 4 billion euros decimal ‘five-star hotel will be on the bilasabyabastha abaraja kudai. It is another city within the city!

This is the place where luxury hotels are being built in the region of Mecca manaphiya, he is just one mile south of the sacred religion of Islam, Masjid al-Haram. The two-thousand-foot-high hotel has been built in a place where there was once an Ottoman-era fortress. The fort was built on a hill, the hotel has been demolished for the construction of the fort paharasaha.

This is not just durgai the Ottoman period, the Prophet (peace be upon him.) Memory has been demolished many sthapanai ‘modernization’ sake. Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him.) The first wife Khadijah (ra.) The original house was built in a public toilets broke.

Abu Bakr (ra.), The house has been built on the Hilton Hotel. The basilica was built in his grandson’s home broke.

The historical importance of these deployments. But they broke the removal of Mecca destroyed the historic character of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, said the head of Irfan al-aoyali. He said, “Now we are seeing the last days of Mecca. Very generally speaking Muslims come here to pray. But now they are almost Vegas-like experience. Many people do not have the same ability to live. ‘Grand old city building in Mecca, the religious breakdown of traditional structures are being wasted accused Irfan gravity.

Not just for religious practices, there are now many are coming to marry or to hold a major conference. About six billion euros a year in revenue from tourism in Saudi Arabia. And Islam is being made to make the homeland more paryatanabandhaba modern luxury establishments. Mecca is being built on the west side of the city of 6 luxurious hotel complex. Where nearly 400 stores and 500 restaurants. There is a six-storey mosque will be built.

1950s can be seen from the picture of Mecca, Islam is generally dharmanusarira coming to perform Hajj. But now it has been built around the multi-storey mosque kabagharake. For that already has been to break down many of the ancient structures. By the year 2040 it plans to have more in Saudi Arabia. Now you can pray together, where 30 million people, 70 million people to the place of prayer is thinking of the Saudi authorities.

This multi-storey mosque will be so large that, as part of the stand has to be the possibility of being rudderless Irfan. He said, “Mosque has become like an airport terminal. The prayers of people are standing on the wrong side. Because they do not know which side is the main Mosque. “