Repeated phone ‘hangs’ What to do if? Know !!

As greater reliance on mobile phones is increasing day rolling down the more. Now, this little device is like no one else can think of to get through the day.

If the mobile phone does not work, then we not wait a moment thikathakamato fell. Mobile phones can not be used continuously or ‘hangs’ or normal matter that might become obsolete. Generally various applications, games and a lot of video memory in the phone repeatedly took possession of the mobile phone ‘hangs’ tends to be.

The first Android phone’s memory and RAM how much space you need to see it. Google’s new Android software marsamyalocalita phone users to their Android phone’s memory and the memory easily, it can be seen how much space is empty.

Repeated phone ‘hangs’ when you know what to do to fix it:

# First, go to the phone settings. And the memory is empty, how you can see it. Videos, photos and apps also check how much memory has been occupied.

# The memory usage of the app, select Options. Phone apps to SD card, or just to learn details of how much has taken place.

# If an app you want to uninstall, then it can become redundant. Sometimes even free phone memory, delete unwanted pictures or videos “hang” the problem could be eliminated.

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