Permissible in love before marriage?

Q: I am in love with a woman bound. I know, there is no provision in Islam love-love. I want to follow the path of Islam. I’m not the girl can not seem to get hurt. Please give me a message, so God forgive me, I can give a solution to the girl.

Answer: The brother in question that he is bound together by love, it was a mistake. We know that marriage is bound. Islam is one of the most intensive ties, it is the bond of marriage. With the exception of the bond of love that you said it. I have all the love-love marriage. So what you have done wrong, is that which does not need. And the next, before it came up. The result is a mess. Have you done wrong, that’s the main thing.

However, if you truly love him or you have no choice, then you can marry him. Islam, he has provided. It was resolved marry. What’s new about the statement you want to learn?

It’s not so complicated. To love before marriage is forbidden in Islam. But if a girl likes you offer, legally, had the courage to marry. So enough to marry. You gave a long speech here, there is no need of him. You can easily solve. To fix this, you must decide that you do not marry him, do not.

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