Pascar NS 160CC ____ is coming to the country’s market on February 4

Popular Sports Bike Pulsar And the popular segment of Pulsar NS It’s 160 cc version. Pulsar lovers were curious about this bike. Finally, NS 160 coming to the market by ending the curiosity. Meanwhile, pre-booking has begun to sell the bike.





The Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 looks much like the NS200 CC motorcycle. Style, Outlook, in many respects, it has a similarity to the NS 160.

Sharp headlamps, attractive designs of LED Tail Lamps, ski tires, etc. have been tried to keep a fascination between many things in the bikes. There is no change between the bodywork, but the new blue color scheme has been kept. There are red, gray and white shades that were just so long between the market pulsar NS200.

To adapt to rain or any kind of road, this bike has MRF’s tire, which is front facing 80/100-17 tire system and back 110 / 80-17 tire system.

Bazaj Pulsar NS 160’s breaking system but much like the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc bike. The front side has a 240mm disc breaking system and a rear side of 130 mm drum breaking system.

Due to the convenience of standstill technology, you can get the effect of breaking the moment despite the speed of 80 kilometer if you wish. During the Breaking Test it takes time to standstill at a speed of 80 kilometers 3.8 seconds between 39.54 meters and 2.80 seconds at 60 kilometers speed of 20.38 meters.





Regarding the Overall Ride Quality, I would say its suspensions have been able to provide a fairly good support during biking on the road.










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