At the outset, new minister Mustafa Jabbar’s great surprise

Newly announced ministry of postal, telecommunications and ICT Ministry Mustafa Jabbar has announced that it will not be able to sell the data package to the customer by buying bandwidth at wholesale price.





He told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. The minister also said that mobile operators will have to sell bandwidth at the fixed price to the customer.

After the reception at BASIS organized in the capital, the minister said, the first thing I would do is to ensure the real value of internet and the highest speed. For this purpose, internet rates like voice calls will be set to the highest bid.

He also said he would work to reduce the foreign institution’s authority in the domestic market. According to Mustafa Jabbar, the local organization will be given priority in the use of software, “I did not think there was a problem like cancer in the telecom division, and no initiative was taken to solve it. It seemed unfortunate to myself that all the officials associated with the ministry, our Nurul Kabir (AMTOB secretary-general) gave expression to each and every person, sitting in the middle.





In the words of the minister, the Internet users said that Mohakhshi Desh is digital, but in reality there is no internet speed. Freelance hopes and is not a fraud, hopefully the new minister will also offer other benefits including Pay Pal. Prior to that, PayPal and Zoom were the same thing that Facebook’s anger against the Minister Pal had a distrust of the freelancers.










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