Online income of the way, you’ll go to any?

It is a kind of online marketing. Although many people think that creating a new income freelancing everything, but in fact any kind of online affiliate marketing or direct marketing freelancing nothing to do with anyone else unless you hire does not work on marketing projects. Affiliate marketing is a word used in a variety of online media and e-commerce sites on the basis of the cell is different from the company’s products. In this case, you own website, Facebook page or YouTube video can be used. When a marketing project for the stand itself, it will not work and there is a kind of online intaprenarasipa, is no freelancing.
CPA Marketing

It is a kind of online marketing. There is only one difference with affiliate marketing. Ephiliyete product marketing, and marketing is the action. That’s why its name in CPA (Cost Per Action). For example, if BDJobs like a job portal marketaraderake pay $ 5 per user registration babata reminded that you promote it in 1 day 10 people to register to remind you that if your income is $ 50. This is the CPA marketing.
Google AdSense

It is now known to many of you can earn from YouTube. But many do not know the way to earn a few from YouTube. In its most simple and popular YouTube AdSense. When the viewer when viewing your videos will add to the company that the company will pay to you via Google AdSense.
Youtube Marketing

By uploading videos to YouTube Receive promotions when you’re on a company’s product or marketing it on YouTube. If the product if you are doing affiliate marketing, CPA marketing is the action.

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