Now came the market for the middle class cars! Find out more about price …

The middle class of the country is going to get the opportunity to buy cars within their suitability. PhPP family will leave the connected car market in the new year.






The price of these cars will be between seven and seven lakh rupees. This industry company is adding three types of cars.

PhPP Family Chairman Sufi Mohammad Mizanur Rahman said, “Initially, we started with a car factory. But our dreams are bigger. In the near future, a whole new car will be made in Bangladesh. The php family is moving forward with this dream.

It is learned that PHP is planning to launch the car in the name of MTX brand in January, the only automobile company in the private sector, PhP Automobiles,

According to the company sources, in three formats, php multitex will start marketing in 64 districts of the country. These are: cars, open and pickup formats. 510 cc diesel-powered manual gear allows you to easily sit in the freeware and open format.






And in the pickup format, you can transport the goods as well as two thousand liters of space. In the three formats, the estimated market value of the car will be 7 to 7 lakh taka.









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