Do not forget that 4 places keep mobile. Learn why !!

This is the mobile phone charge. Be prepared and do not get out of the office all the charges air! Again it is again the issue of fiasco. Car is not available right in the street, emergency meeting in office. At this time you did not see the office at the time of the boss has become the blood sight! Needless to say, the boss’s recitation But if the phone was a little cared, then at least the phone could tell its location. These tips are for you only. Follow these steps to keep the phone charged for a long time.

1. Pants in the back pocket
If you put him in the back pocket, he sat down on his head. It causes damage to both the mobile and its battery. Battery can be broken if too much pressure is occurring.

2. Inside the bag
Battery too cold is too cold for too much cold. So it can be done in the cold. If the bag is inserted into the clothes, then the battery is turned on. But do not forget to do it in the summer. The battery is damaged in excess heat.

3. Near the sea
You will enjoy the trip but it will be a little easier. Do not forget about your all time mobile phone. Do not forget to take a phone near the sea. Keep the hotel in case you need it. Because, like your skin, the pano is burnt.

4. Do not hold it to the fire
The phone may become bad if you keep it near the fire. This is for hot. Put a little distance from your phone at the time of cooking. Maybe there is no embankment.

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