Musa (AS) during an event – the grace of God can not be anything bigger than …??

Prophet Moses (peace be upon Allah, peace 🙂 prayer, O-merciful Lord! Show me a person who sabaceyekharapa my nation. Came a voice from the invisible, all right, tomorrow morning you sit by the wayside.

The person who first passed this way, he is the person you most people, the worst. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him 🙂 nirdistasthane sat right on time. After a while, a man saw a small boy in his arms seemed beyond him.
Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) said takedekhe thought, Oh eibyakti-iamara the nation ‘bad. After a while, Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) – is the wish of the people of the “good man to see.

The prayer to Allah, O merciful Lord! Now most of my nation, ‘Show me bhalobyakti .. Came the voice, O Moses! Sit down by the way, was the first person to come in the evening, he was sabacebhalo in your community. In the evening, the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) sat nirdistasthane. A little later in the morning, he saw a man coming phiratipathe carried the little boy. Seeing him, the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) was very surprised and fell deep in thought .. Prophet Moses (peace be upon Allah 🙂 prayer, O-merciful Lord! Eki I am watching! In the morning, the “worst was, in the evening, how he” became like this?

Invisible from the great Creator God answered, O Moses! Atikramakare you in the morning when the man with the boy entered the forest, he was the son asked him, Dad! How large the jungle? He answered and said, much bigger.
The boy asked again, Dad! Is there anything major from the forest? And he said, yes, Dad! Aipaharagulo of forest. The boy asked again, from the mountains to win big? Dad said that, the sky. The boy asked again, do you have anything from the sky? The man said, yes, my sin greater than the sky. The answer is to listen to his father and said, Dad! There is no sin greater than you? The man is ashamed of the tears with a serious tone of voice, and said, Dad! God’s mercy is greater than my sin.

O-Moses! This person’s feeling of sin and repentance that I like so much, I was in your community, “one of the worst ‘bhalobyakti made. Allahu Akbar ..

O Allah, I always remember the sins of all of us back in the days ahead as the gift of truth .– Amin Tawfiq compliance.




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