How much property has Anisul Haque and his wife? Monthly income?

Anisul Huq has wife’s income more than: In 2005, the affidavit said that the total property of Anisul Huq with fixed immovable assets is around Tk 26 crores. Of this, cash is Tk 1.95 million. In his affidavit, Anisul Haque said, his movable property was Tk 23 crore. Of this, cash is Tk 1.95 million. There are three crore 53 lakh 45 thousand taka invested as FDR (permanent deposit).





Bonds, bonds and shares are 11 million 48 lakh 45 thousand taka The money deposited in the bank and financial institutions is 6 lakh 58 thousand taka. Gold, precious metals and ornaments worth 11 lakhs 12 thousand. According to ‘Other (Debt)’ movable assets worth 5 crore 36 lakh 83 thousand have been mentioned in the affidavit. His furniture is 14 lakh 24 thousand taka Anisul Haque has immovable property worth three and a half million rupees.

In the affidavit, he mentioned 22 business organizations. His annual income is 75 lakh 80 thousand taka. Of this, 45 lakh 89 thousand taka comes from the profit of the FDR, 25 lakh 92 thousand taka as a merchandise, his annual income from homes / apartments / shops or other rentals is two lakh 40 thousand taka. The remaining income comes from shares, savings certificates and bank deposits.

The Awami League-backed assets of non-agricultural land (non-agricultural land) of three crore 57 lakh 68 thousand crore According to the affidavit of his wife’s income, Anisul Huq’s ‘dependent’ his wife Rubana Huq is equal to his husband’s husband’s husband’s husband. The amount of money in the amount of Tk 25 lakh 92 thousand Rubana






Haque’s annual income is 84 lakh 93 thousand taka, which is more than 9 lakh more than Anisul Huq. Rubra’s income from the FDR is 40 lakh 44 thousand taka, the husband gets as a meritorious business equal to his husband, income of 18 lakh rupees from the house rent, the rest comes from the share certificates. Rubana Haque movable property worth more than five crore rupees. Of this, cash is 33 lakh 56 thousand taka.










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