The moon will come down only 15 feet!

Visitors coming to the Victoria Memorial premises on February 17 and 18 will be witness to such scenes! Viewers can see the moon from just 15 feet. Not only to show, Chandralek will also have the opportunity to sink in a concert to float. The name given to it – ‘Tribute to the moon’!

The Museum of the Moon, renowned British artist Luke Jiram, is coming to Kolkata this time coming from Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. This ‘moon museum’ of the installation arts has started touring this country from January this year. This ‘moon museum’ appears in public for the first time in 2016.

Using the picture of NASA, this exact replica of the moon is bound to be delusional, whether it is the original or the fake moon! The moon’s weight is 140 kilograms made of fiber and composite material. According to the science report, the centimeter perched on the surface of the Moon, equal to five kilometers of the original moon surface.

Viewers of this moon hole, moon-surface, which can be found near a few kilometers. The light coming out of the moon will spread in Victoria’s premises. All the information about this moon is available from its own website.

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