Mobile phone camera’s 3 Use!

Mobile phones nowadays takes over for other purposes than to talk about. He takes over from the back to take pictures. But three more camera mobile phones that can act funny and surprising.
Film translation.

The menu card or sign boards written in a foreign language you can not read or do not understand the meaning? Interpreter will help the camera on your mobile phone. TextGrabber, Translator, WayGo- this is a must have app for your smartphone three. Then when gugla translate unfamiliar languages through the camera pointed at the kyamara can be viewed on the screen of your choice translated into pictures.

You can continue to use your camera as a scanner. After scanning the file you want to edit. The need for app like CamScanner or Scanbot-. If the purpose of this app on your mobile phone by scanning the necessary documents can be saved in digital form, you can send another if necessary.

No, I do not need a telescope. You can be your best friend if you want to see the sky in your smartphone. Before that needs Wikitude, Blippar, SkyView- like an app. Taramandalake you want to see the sky or that they simply pointed his camera at the night sky will be clear on your mobile screen.