Mayor Anisul Haque no longer exists

We are deeply saddened that the mayor of the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC), Anisul Haque, died in London (Ennilullahi Ina Ilahi Rohidan).





He left his breath in the Wellington Hospital in London on Thursday at 10.33 pm (London local time at 4:23 pm).

Journalist Tanvir Ahmed from London confirmed the issue to Jago News.

Several rumors of the death of the sick mayor several times before. But this time the Mayor of Dhaka has really gone. He was transferred to the ICU on Monday last for a long time after the condition of the sick mayor deteriorated.

Anisul Haque, who went to UK on personal duty on the occasion of his birth on July 29, He was admitted to the National Neuroscience Hospital in London on August 13 after he became ill. After the examination, doctors diagnosed his cerebral inflammatory disease ‘cerebral vascularitis’.





Then he was being treated with intensive care center (ICU). On gradual improvement of the situation, he was transferred from the ICU to Rehabilitation Center on October 31. On Monday, the situation was shifted from rehabilitation center to ICU again.








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