Mashrafe fears the two people on earth

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza The life of Bangladesh cricket is called him. He faces a daily on June 27. Mashrafe said that he feared both of the world’s people. Do you have any explanation of this love of human? One understands, your speech, thinking is a little different.






As you say all the time, people are keeping you in mind as you play cricket. Where many people do not get such love or respect even after contributing more to the society. That’s true, but the starfire makes many people forget it. How did you feel this?

In response to such a question of journalist, he said, you can say, because one of the reasons is the creed. Every person believes in his religion. As I believe strongly, whatever is happening in the world is through the market. I always accept it. Fear of both of them in every step of life – First God, second my mother. These two things are my weakest places on earth. With this I am fiercely fiercely. See, I do not get all the work if I work hard. If I think this way, a rickshaw is more than me. How do you tell him that you work hard, your life will change! He has been running rickshaw for 20 years, how much he will work?





There is no peace in the world, there is no peace. Does that mean he did not fit properly? Looking at a rickshaw driver, looking at the vanwala, towards a driver … they are not doing! They are studying, whether or not the children. And after the boy grew up, maybe leaving him.










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