Located in the center of the Earth is surprising due to the Ka’bah! Know …

Qibla of the Muslims holy Kabah. Every year millions of Muslims to Mecca to circumambulate the Kabah during the Hajj went. Koraana and the Hadith of the holy city of Mecca in the heart of the US as byakhyaya ‘House’ or ‘Kabah’ was set up in Makkah. Command of Allah, the angels, the first in the world to worship the Kabah was built. Seventh Heaven is located directly under the shadow of the Throne of Allah, the Ka’bah Mosque in Bait-ul-Mualla mamurera according to the shape of the foundation. Kabagrhake mankind’s worship of Allah kendrasthalarupe specify.

Kendratei located right in the center of worship of mankind Ka’bah Muslim world. But the expansion of science at the present time, many want to blow this issue.

Holy Ka’ba and the creation of the position of Islam explained
After sending the original man and woman in this world from heaven Hazrat Adam (AS.) And Hazrat Hawa (ii.) To worship and pray in a mosque. Allah accepted their prayers and worship as the center of kabagrhake was set. The Prophet Noah (peace be upon him.) – The era of the collapse of a massive flood Kaaba Sharif. Then Allah’s Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him.) His son Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him.) – A remake of the Kabah was done with. Allah orders the house of God, the Holy Kaaba Sharif of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS.) – The life and works of the immortal contributions.

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Although different individuals at different times of the Holy Kabah fortunate to reconstruct the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him.) – As part of the creation of Allah, the Holy Qur’an Kareem was reserved for the Muslim Ummah until the Day of Resurrection.