A list of the strongest countries in the world, see glance at a glance

Recently the list of the world’s strongest countries has been published by US News and World Report The United States has made it to the top of the list. This list is based on citizenship, living standard, culture, economy, defense and military system. A list of 80 countries in the world has been found.





With 494 billion pounds of defense budget, military, international coalition, economy and political influence and leadership, the United States has achieved the top 10 in the top spot.

The United States got 9 decimal 6 but the army received 10 in 10 in the army. But the United States is not able to retain it, but the country is second in the list of strongest countries. China is in third place The list is followed by Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, India, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Pakistan, Netherlands, Spain, Qatar, Singapore , Norway, Ukraine, Denmark, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Jordan and several other countries.





9 countries have got place in Europe from the overall list. List of 11 countries in Asia Although there are two countries in North America, there is no country in Latin America. No country in Africa is listed on the list.








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