Before leaving Bangladesh, Gayle picked up the son of Mashrafe, and after all the words that have been emotional

T-Twenty format king. Gayle of four Chakkar kings Gayle means that the tornado rocks up on the bowler. There is no saving of any bowlers on the day that starts. The world knows him as a batting monster. His love for Bangladesh is not less when he comes to play BPL in Bangladesh.






Especially in Rangpur, Mashrafei seems to be proud to be proud of herself. Besides, he is happy to win the BPL Final Trophy. It is about praising Mashrafe, whose love is in the hearts of millions of people in this country and the uninterrupted love of Bangladesh.

World T-Twenty T20 World is the most popular face of T20 format worldwide. He is called T-Twenty Cricket Entertainer. Bigbish from IPL, BPL from Pakistan Super League, where he is! He is a mediocre in all the tournaments. The hero

The BPL is playing the first season. Rangpur has played this time. Numerous records have been created. The viewers were flushing the four sixes in entertainment. The champion of the team.

The BPL has ended. Two will leave Dhaka in one day. Meanwhile, Chhokka monstrous Gayle took the son of Mashrafe in his arms. This image is now widely spread through social media.





Chris Gayle is making a commitment to the next BPL. The hero of the final win said, ‘I like to play here. From when he plays here. Come back to your entertainment. ‘










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