Know some strange rules of birth control

Parrot mixture:
One way to avoid pregnancy in China was to adopt a method. And that is to drink the mixture of oil and paras. To avoid pregnancy in an empty stomach, eating this mixture was necessary to prevent pregnancy. Although now we know how bad the mercury is bone and the body is harmful!





Moon fault:
Greenland was thought to be the biggest contribution of a woman to being pregnant by the moon. And so avoid avoiding the pregnancy, women avoid the moon. Look at the moon. They also used to spit their stomach before going to bed. So that the moon could not make any kind of trouble in the sleep.

Wolf Urine:
In the Middle Ages, there was a very good blind faith in everyone. Especially the matter is not medicine! There were different types of treatment. As a part of that, women had to leave urine on the place of leaving of the wolf to go out of the house before they could get away from unwanted pregnancies. Or to come from the place of the pregnancy of a pregnant wolf!





Do not go too far. The early 1900’s talk. Still, birth control has not been valid in America. A product named Lysis is derived from the market. Which means that the woman will burn a part of the body inside the body and ensure ‘safe’ birth control! But no matter how safe it is, it used to be wounded while being killed, almost 5 people were killed!










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