Keeping the clip in the ear for 1 minute, full sexual activity

Are you suffering from severe stress? He is unbearable pain in his head? Can not you mind doing any work? What is your sexual life? Then you can try this! There is no side effect.





Hold your ear lane for at least one minute of the day. Not only emotional stress, but also the pressure of the fingers of the body of any part of the body.

According to expert Ricard Ridgie, several fine pressure points in the ear lobe. Because of the position of the brain, there are numerous nerves in the ear lobe, which are associated with the sensation of various parts of the body.

There is no need to go to parlor for this. Can be able to sit at home, ear massage. First you have to sit in comfortable chairs. The head of the head should be dragged back, so that the ears do not cover the hair. Then hold the cloth clip earring briefly.

Keep an eye on how to reduce the pain or stress of the body in different parts of the ear by pressing one part of the ear. Occasionally the ear should be dragged by the length of 5 seconds. But of course it’s slow. 3-4 times slowly, by doing this massage you can feel yourself that your body pain is decreasing.





Experts say, the waist, shoulders, sinusitis is inadequate in the home. There will also be a lot of stress reduced. You will be free to stress. And that will be the long-term mystery of your sex life.









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