If you do not believe that the conditions are not allowed to marry

Marriage is obligatory on the Muslims. However, the marriage regulations. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him.) Said at least four conditions if anyone does not believe in marriage, then the marriage is not lawful. Therefore, as Muslims from the four conditions discussed below to learn now.

Condition 4:
(1) has shown signs …
Or nominate identified or mentioned qualities, or any other means specified by both the bride and the groom.
Ii) of the bride and groom each other to be happy. The evidence for the Prophet (peace be upon him.) Said, “widows and women (widowed or divorced) without knowing his decision (the decision will be sought from him, and he clearly would say) are not allowed to marry a virgin, and without his consent (in word or by keeping silent) will not be allowed to marry. The people asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)! How do I know her consent (because he would be ashamed). He said, his willingness to be silent. “[Sahih Al-Bukhari, (4741)

(3) akada marriage (contract) to be in charge of keeping the girl’s guardian. Since Allah has issued guidance to parents for marriage.

(4) should be a witness at the wedding akadera. Proof that the Prophet peace be upon him, said, “There is no marriage without a guardian and two witnesses.” [Tabarani compiled by Sahih Jami (7558)].

Campaign to make sure the wedding. The evidence is the Prophet’s message, “You call it a marriage.” [Musnad Ahmad and authentic hadith book Jami ‘Hassan’, has been called (1072)]