How To Racover Hacked Facebook ID or Account

Facebook’s policy is updated regularly, so as far as possible in accordance with your Facebook name, date of birth, national identity card or passport, the national identity card or passport to unexpected problems happen pareeijanya ID required to upload to Facebook

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Today I saw a lot of the Facebook post regarding the hack. Phishing is one of the bloggers link to Facebook, many have been victims of hacking. So back to the hacked account to a post-felt need.

Please follow the following steps, to get back to the account. Just remember to keep the old password.

1) First of all, go to this link

Ii) A page will appear after clicking

The need to hack your account information. Information on any one of the 3 options described above. Click on the search at.

4) Once you have entered your account information can be found on the right way

Now click on the This is My Account.

5) After clicking on the ask your old password.

To continue using your old password at. Will give you a confirmation message. Then continue to the next step in cross fire. Generally, the next step will be sought from you a new password. When filling out the following form Check Facebook rose to get back to your account.

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