Hero Honda Hunk, which is made at a low price in the country, know how much the price?

Hero Honda’s popular bike was Hunk. Hero Honda continued to produce Hunk, despite the separation of Honda and Honda. Bike was popularized by young people for Sporty Luke and Mascular Badi. But the production of this bike in India has been stopped recently. Now the new news is being made in Bangladesh.





This bike is being made in a Jessore factory. Niloy Motors Limited and Hero Motors Corporation jointly manage this factory.

Hero Hunker’s design differences with Hero Honda Hanke But the engine performance is the same. There has not been any structural changes in the new bone, but some of its graphics have been changed. Fieri piroclastic graphics have been used in newer stigma. It has been very interesting to see the result. The new consoles have Side Stand Indicators.

Hero has a strong ATF engine. GRS suspension has been used in the bikes. As a result, the riders and drivers of the bike can enjoy comfortable tours.





Mr. Kamrul Hasan, Executive Officer of Sales and Marketing Division of Tejgaon branch of Niran Motors Limited, a native of Hiron, said that production of Hunk production in India is still going on but its production in Bangladesh continues. Hunk produced in Bangladesh is very less than the hunk produced in India. Along with the cash, all the motorcycles of Hiro with hunk can be bought in installments.









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