Girls not wearing her bangles and nose-ring reduced life expectancy? Know what Islam ???

Many married women are heard in our society that not wearing bangles or not the nose nose-ring wearing her husband’s life expectancy is reduced or husband is ill. Conch-vermilion of the belief that women just after the infidels, many Muslims still believe in superstitions of the same mother, sister-nose-ring wear bangles.

But phikbaha reliable books of Scripture study is clear proof that girls are allowed to wear ear and nose piercing and jewelery. The practice of wearing earrings Prophet (peace be upon him.) Was alive, but he noted it karenaniprasne prohibit false concept, words in praise of Allah and the opposite of prejudice.

Hayat Allah has determined the cause of all mankind. Before or after that time will not be death. Therefore, it is essential to abandon the misconception.