Get the national identity card, or how to modify? the good news for all!!

Correction in the short term to reduce the suffering of the citizens of the national identity card has ordered the Election Commission (EC).
Defective national identity card (enaaidi) is a problem due to the various types of service to citizens.

Enaaidira information on the amendment, voters in other service areas sthanantarasaha citizens from all police stations and district offices have been asked to serve.
The Election Commission in this regard under the National Identity Register Wing of the two-page letter has been sent to all police stations and local election officials. Long-suffering citizen complaints regarding the service of national identity.

Even those who have applied for but not yet in the hands of the national ID card they received no special instruction has been given to the suffering does not end everything will be super-fast.

Services are expected to move for months of service receivers. Millions of mobile SIM registration process biometric fingerprint citizens are also suffering was not fair. The new salary scale for national ID cards compulsory national identity card has been suffering a lot due to incorrect information official. Even in some places, is accused of taking the money to serve.