How To Get Back Stolen Mobile Phone

Mobile lost a long-standing problem. In particular, the movement of the bus to the city is not safe at all. In these circumstances, there is a eyapasei apps for mobile lose to know how to use it.

Mobile has a long-standing problem of losing. Berulei the street could be a problem. And if your favorite mobile phone is stolen, then what do you do so. Apps we have seen before, there are many types. However, this is a little different apps. This type of online apps found. We do not know how effective it.
Today will teach you how to get back to your mobile phone stolen. Now let’s take a look at the issue.
Down load apps from the Google plestora click on the link below:

Now type in your password and press Ok.
However, the two should be the same password in the box.

Now re-enter the password and press the Ok button.

Now look at the image below and click on Deactive.

Type your phone number in the first box and the second box, type your number will come up, so what type.
Then press the Save button.

Now click again and the Ok button Deactive.
(Dual SIM mobiles can be a problem for some of the pictures at the top understand)
Active Deactive to see the place has been written.

Now, if somebody stole your phone by using the phone, if your phone is set to simata with your number to the number of an SMS.
Thus, the thieves got the numbers easily.
Now the police want to catch him if you can get out of his movements.
The thief might be caught.